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Grandma’s going to heaven 
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Grandma’s going to heaven 

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Three little words. No, not “I love you.” Even better.

If anyone ever tries to tell me that Nico Mirallegro is a shitty actor, I will kindly point them to this post. Same line and same location but his face, tone of voice and posture are radically different. The bravado/sexiness in the first one is palpable, and you can actually feel his heart breaking in the second one, despite that little smile.


"To be continued" has become "I love you." Rae has deluded herself into believing her attraction to Finn is a purely physical reaction and does not, or will not, allow herself to recognize and admit she is in love with him. More tragically, Finn feels he is not permitted to say "I love you" because it would further destroy his relationship with her as during their break-up she said she "just [wanted] to be friends." Finn, who would rather have her in his life as a friend than not at all and who cares more about her happiness and comfort than his own, is forced to bury his true feelings for the girl he loves, and in the process breaks his own heart. "To be continued" is for Finn, a quiet and hidden in plain sight "I love you."  

^ I think my heart just ripped in half

you guys

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i want to look like an arctic monkeys song

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Decorated the dorm super spooky this year

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